A "depository" for children

Is there one person who seriously believes that our current
education system bears any relation to education?

Is its purpose the education of integrated personalities
and the formation of the character of the free man?

Don't we all know that its purpose is entirely different?

In the first, the basic level, where the future personality of
the new man is determined, the principal intention of the
school is to guard the children, in order to allow their parents
undisturbed to commit all their energy to their work.

It is basically a
"depository" for children.

There the children will learn some things
(most of them outdated and useless) in a
way that can only generate disgust for knowledge,
but is this the most important thing?

Whether the children learn something,
or whether they have the opportunity

     to come know themselves,

     to recognize their abilities and

     to become acquainted with

     the freedom of creation?


 Are you mad?

Should the school cultivate free people?

We need the word freedom (only the word, not the concept)
so that our politicians can repeat it constantly and we can
keep the sweet taste of it in our mouth.

       Free personalities?

For God's sake, they will overthrow everything.

Something else, much more important
will happen in elementary school.

The children will learn there
(and they will keep it as a guideline for their whole life)
the fundamental principle of the system:


The school will mark,
will grade the children!

Each child gets a grade, a mark,
a number that characterizes him.

Our smart education system has the means
(as we measure the temperature
and express it by a number)
to measure and express by a number

     the personality,

     the spiritual effort,

     the creativity,

     the imagination.

From now on, every child will learn that it should strive
to reach the highest number, to be top of the class.

If the main cause of all the evil in the
wrong path that our species took in
its development, is that

we have neglected comradeship,

you can now admire how early,
from the tenderest infancy, our system
takes care to implant individualism.

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