"Man is always alone"

Before seeing what happens on the second level of education,
it's worth, I think, to take a look into the problems of puberty,
because this is indeed the most important event for that age.

While the young man is going through such a difficult and
decisive phase of his life, he attends school at the same
time and must study the lessons and he must pass the exams.

What is the attitude of our educational system toward adolescence,
this phase that determines to such a degree all the rest of our life?

When the storm of puberty begins,

which will literally dissolve the personality of the child,
to build the personality of an adult (just as the caterpillar
dissolves in the cocoon, so that the butterfly is formed)
what does our education system do to assist the child?

When the body is changing so rapidly that the
poor teenagers don’t have time to learn to use it

(have you seen how awkwardly the poor things move hands and feet,
and their parents, instead of pitying them, insult them for their inelegance),

how is the school helping?

When the body is flooded with the unfamiliar sex hormones,
which ignite the senses, the mind, the imagination,

so that the child sees the world with completely different eyes,
as if it were born a second time, what does the school do?

Absolutely nothing!

It doesnít care at all about the problem.

It ignores it absolutely.

It pretends not to know it.

It behaves as if the problem
does not exist.

Let the child cope alone.

Won’t he be alone anyway
throughout his whole life?

Isn’t this the great lesson
that the school must teach?


Man is always alone!


Bravo, nice sayings they have taught us.
And we repeat them daily like parrots.

Why alone?

What has happened to the other people?

Are we not social animals?

That's exactly the problem.

It may be that we are by nature social animals,
but the system doesn’t approve this sense of

It will crush it.

The system is based on individualism.

It will change our nature.

It will teach us that we are alone.

That we shouldnít trust other people.

They are wolves, they will devour us.

Homo homini lupus.

Does it surprise you now why the roots of




are found in adolescence?

Or why their relationship to their parents (who
themselves have no idea how to behave, because
the poor things were also left alone in their own
adolescence) and to society is destroyed beyond repair?

Why the children in this phase turn to alcohol,
drugs and "bad company"?

What can you do? This is "collateral damage".

In order to destroy the sociability
of people and install individualism,
we must take some losses into account.

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