Changing the nature
of the University

For the purpose of controlling people’s thinking there
are two ways and they have applied both of them.

The first method is to integrate
them into the body of the system.

This has been practiced for many years and will
continue to be applied in the future.

We choose some highly able people, we train them properly
so that they can’t put the system itself into question and
we use them by placing them in important positions.

The second method is to reduce
their number.

As long as we were in the upward
phase, in the phase of growth,
we needed a lot of "restless" people.

They were the ones who would
make the new inventions
and build the new factories.

Now that growth is no longer possible,
why do we need them?

They are not only useless, but they could
even cause problems for us.

We will reduce their number to the absolute

We will change the nature of the universities
which are their "breeding grounds"

(don’t all riots begin in the universities?).

Instead of cultivating thinking people

and free creators, in the future they will train
only able users and obedient subjects.

Some few selected universities,

which are under our absolute control, will be
kept as nurseries for the renewal of the system.
There the best of the best from around the world
will study and from there will come the pillars of
the system.

Have you heard anything
about the "excellence initiative"
or the "poles of excellence"?

How do you like this perspective?

Is it an absurd scenario of a sick imagination,
or has it already been put into practice?

Is the project for the shortening of study time
perhaps a done deal and has it already started?

Have you heard anything
about the "Bologna process"
or the "Bologna declaration"?

       Why do we keep the students so long at the University?
Is it to give them time to plot subversions? Let’s reduce
the study time to three years.

But in three years we hardly have time to teach them the fundamentals
of thought. When will we show them all the new advances in technology
that continuously proliferate?

       What are you saying?

You will teach the fundamentals of thought?

That is exactly what we need!

To educate thinking people so that they can
blow up the system!

That’s in the past, forget it.

From now on you will teach them in three years the "tricks"
of technology to help them find a job, and whoever wants to,
can start post-graduate studies afterwards, remain there as
long as it pleases him to deepen his knowledge
and learn the fundamentals.

In other words:
Build first without foundations,
and whoever wants to, can put the
foundations on top of the roof afterwards.

That is the future of the university.

It is decided. It’s all over.

There is no return.

The system possesses the two powerful
tools to control (in reality to ban) thought:
This is what euphemistically is
called "Education" and "The Media".

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