The ultimate manipulation

The system has entrusted the shaping
of our thinking to powerful forces:

   To the mass media, which offer undisputed
truths, as we have seen,

   to the video games we have mentioned
(the system knows the meaning of the game very
well, while our official education has forgotten it),

   to the social environment and

   to television.

These are the teachers who will teach us

how we should think,

what to believe and

how to act.

The social environment, yes, it teaches too.

No matter what all the wise men of the
world say about the value of frugality.

The real lesson is given
by the social environment.

It teaches that anyone who has
money and shows it, is somebody.

Whoever has two suits from this particular couturier
enjoys double the admiration of him who has only one.

And whoever drives the latest model car of that
particular company with 350 Hp, is admired by all.

And at the end, television.

What end? Only the end? Beginning and end.

The alpha and the omega of education that’s television.

TV is the University of Mankind today.

From which the youth will learn everything.

It will teach them about

Whatever television shows, this is the absolute, the incontrovertible truth.

It is the rule of life.

The picture never lies
(as in the case of Nayirah!).

Please take a little look at TV and try
to understand what it teaches, what
it propagates, what it advertises.

And advertising is not only the "commercials".

It is also done with films, with the news, with everything.

Consider the movies.

The entertainment they claim to provide,
is actually teaching, propaganda for the
principles of the system.

They teach that money is everything, and
that in order to get it any means is allowed.

Selfishness, greed and even
murder are always present.

Whoever can draw his gun first is right.

Just out of curiosity, ask yourself

if a day goes by without the movies on TV
showing luxury, violence, robbery and murder.

These are the lessons that our children receive.

Are perhaps the so-called "live"
broadcasts any better?

Do you see the objects they refer to?

Can you understand the profound educative
importance of the details of the latest erotic
adventure of Mrs. X, which are described
and analysed in every detail?

Have you seen the moderators too?

Have you noticed what they wear,
how they speak, what they say?

Have you seen that the men

are always dressed in the latest fashion
and wear such "loud" ties that are more
impressive than their whole personality?

Have you observed the women too?

Have you remarked that they are wearing
less and less just to show off their figures?

          "What else have they got to show off? said a friend of mine.

          The richness of their soul, or the depth of their thinking?
Have you not noticed that, when they open their mouths,
they just repeat some common phrases without content
which they have memorized, and which more often than not,
have nothing to do with what they are supposed to discuss?".

These are the people who serve
as models for our children.

They are the actual teachers of our children.

And what can I say about the "news" that
often has nothing to do with any news?

If there is no shocking news, they artificially "inflate"
a completely insignificant event which we do not know
whether it has actually taken place, and we have to
listen to this story for hours:


"Dog bites mother in law".


And then the special commentators
appear in the "windows" and give us
their profound opinions.

And they begin supposedly to argue whether the
failure of the government or the statements of the
opposition are to blame for what has happened.

And then we have a live direct link
to the channel’s special correspondent.

Indeed, there appears in a "window" an unfortunate
man in someone’s yard with a microphone in his hand,
waiting patiently for his turn to speak.

And beside him is an even more unfortunate woman, waiting too.

And when their turn comes, the newscaster asks:

          "Well, dear lady, you are an eye-witness?"

          "Yes", replies the woman.

          "So, tell us, please, what you saw".

          "I saw nothing, says the woman, because
I wasn’t there. But I heard the dog bark".

          "And you are sure that it was this dog?" Insists the speaker.

          "I can’t be sure because, as I said, I was not there.
However I think I heard a dog barking".

This is the intellectual diet on which
our children are brought up, and on
such truths is built their personality.

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