The "Higher Education"
of advertising

And now we reach the crowning point of education.
"Higher education" equals advertising.

But maybe someone will tell me:
"We don’t watch advertising at home".

Wrong. You must see it.

Because this is what our children see the most.

They don’t just look at it, they "suck" it up.
And by repetition they identify entirely with it.

They learn the slogans of the commercials by
heart, and they repeat them in the school breaks.

Advertising isn’t done by fools.

It is done by very capable people with special training
and great experience. And, do not forget this, it has our
children as the target. We should watch it, and watch it
with great attention. Advertising teaches us many things.

Observe carefully a commercial.

Let’s say, about the canned radishes of brand X. Does it
only refer to the radishes? Isn’t it teaching us something

Didn’t you see how the faces of all the members of
the family shone with happiness, as the tin with the radishes

Haven’t you understood

that it is wrong to believe that happiness is a mental state,
independent of any material goods, which can be reached
only after a very serious internal process?

We believed wrong.

The commercial teaches us the truth.

Happiness is something very simple,
that everyone can buy in the supermarket,
and indeed for the price of a can.

Under some preconditions,
of course, which are all listed
by the same commercial.

Look carefully what the family is wearing.
They are all dressed in the latest fashion.

If you are not dressed according to
fashion, do not expect happiness.

The dinnerware on the table, did you see it?
Did you notice how expensive it is?

Without magnificent dinnerware,
happiness does not exist.

The furniture in the kitchen and the equipment,
and the finest appliances, did you notice? The
huge garden with the swimming pool which can
be seen from the window, did you see it?

The lesson, I think, is quite clear:

Happiness is something you can buy with
little money, as long as you have the
prerequisites which need a lot of money.

Compared to the power of this teaching,
what do you think the efforts of an idealistic teacher can achieve,
when he dares in his lecture to praise self-denial and modesty?

Exactly the same lesson
is taught in the advertising for brand Y
cookies and brand Z washing powder.

All commercials teach exactly the same thing.

Our mind is trapped in lies, in cheap
gossip and the pursuit of luxury.

Space for free thought, which could
threaten the system, does not exist.

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