The miserable Nayirah

The second pillar of disorientation
(and essentially banning) of our thinking,
is the so-called "information media".

To show you what kind of information
they provide, I will remind you of this
example which is so shocking, that

by itself it most impressively proves

the absolute ignorance in which the
so-called "Informed citizen" lives today.

You will perhaps remember, that in the first war against Iraq,
the Gulf War (where the miracle drug "war" was tested with
brilliant results against the sickness of the economy), the world
did not know exactly what was happening.

We could not understand who the "good"
were and who the "bad".

Of course we knew that we were the "good",
but, what exactly was going on there?

A decisive role in informing people

and educating public opinion was played by
that tragic documentary, which was repeated
for days on the televisions around the world.

The film showed how the unfortunate young nurse Nayirah,

who had escaped from Kuwait, described before
the American Congress with tears in her eyes the
brutal manner in which the Iraqi invaders seized
the new born babies in the hospital where she worked,
and threw them on the ground to die.

The event was so atrocious
that U.S. President Bush (senior)
used it many times in his speeches
in favour of war,

and the members of Congress
who were initially against the war,

voted at last in favour after hearing Nayirah’s story.

After the war which cost thousands of dead,
and the embargo which cost the lives of
thousands more Iraqi children, it turned out
that the girl who appeared before Congress,

was neither a refugee nor a nurse,
but the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to U.S.,

who of course was not in Kuwait at the time.

The whole campaign

(shooting the scene in Congress,
production of the film and distribution
worldwide) was organized by the
advertising agency Hill & Knowlton
who was responsible for shaping
public opinion.

When journalists and Amnesty International

(who initially believed the story and used its
Influence for the punishment of the criminals)
researched in Kuwaiti hospitals,

nobody knew anything,
either about the "nurse" or the "episode"
with the discarded new born babies.


Did you know that before a war,
just as before the release of a new product on the market,
you must first assign a big advertising firm to "inform" the public?


When the system wants to advance Mr A

(or the product A, or the opinion A, it is the same thing)
or condemn Mr B (or the product B, or the opinion B) it
starts some time before to have the TV show the
"undisputed documents" which prove how good A is
and how bad B.

The same information is given in the press of course.

Then there follows a phase

where various specialists taking part in debates on
television and writing articles in newspapers, make
thoughtful analyses that demonstrate the correctness
of the already preannounced decision.

Finally we ask some poor passers-by

or we make a poll and we learn the public opinion,
which is of course nothing other than the rehashing
of all the media has fed them all this time.

If someone is asked: what is your opinion about Mr A?

He always has an opinion. And it may be that the poor
fellow actually believes that it is his own opinion, and
has no idea that it has been "implanted".

I have never heard anyone interviewed say:

          "What nonsense are you asking?
How can I have an opinion?
Do I know the man?
Have I ever spoken to him?
Do we live in the same neighbourhood, so I might know his behaviour?
Have I seen his behaviour while driving towards the other drivers?
How he behaves towards the saleswoman in the store or the waiter in restaurant?
Have I've spoken to his wife and children, to know about his attitude towards them?
Have we spent an evening together, to find out what lies beneath the mask of propriety,
when he has had a few drinks?
How can I have an opinion about him?".

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