The new millennium

The answer can be seen in Figure 5.

In the year 2000 the index seems to stumble
across an obstacle, an invisible wall.

And it is still vibrating under
the influence of the collision.

Its beautiful upward trend
is suddenly interrupted.

If you could see the curves before and after 2000 separately,
you would not believe that the one is the continuation of the other.

Figure 6 shows (in some magnification to highlight the differences)
the actual curve of the index from the year 2000 and thereafter.

Has this diagram anything to do with the diagram in Figure 4?

Is it possible to be its sequel?

Figure 4, regardless of some vibrations, shows
a clear accelerating upward trend.

In Figure 6, the accelerating rise has disappeared,
and the only thing that is left are the vibrations.

The curve in Figure 4 was a typical "success curve".

It was the proof of the success of our system. It showed
its dynamics, its trend for continued growth.

Figure 6 shows what? Nothing specific you would think.

The system has an initial decline becoming
ever more pronounced, but then something
happens, a happy coincidence intervenes and,
like magic, gives it the strength to rise again.

The acceleration of growth, however, is lost forever.

The rise begins suddenly but instead of
accelerating it slows down continually.

As if something happened around 2000 which changed
fundamentally the law of the phenomenon.

At point B (or shortly before)

we have the first rise, but it does not last too
long and is followed by the worst drop ever.

At point C (or shortly before)

we have the second rise which is maintained for
almost four years and to which is added the
increase that starts at point D and leads the index
to a height greater than the maximum in 2000.

"Apparently the system does
not know what it is doing,

someone told me when I showed him the curve,

it suffered a hard blow to the head
and is still staggering".

       Why are you so surprised, say the advocates of the system.
This blow is nothing other than the impact of terrorism. We
hardly had the time to celebrate the arrival of the new century
and our system was attacked. An unprecedented attack of
unbelievable cruelty, with thousands of dead. The axis of evil
began to move. The forces of darkness started their dirty war
against the forces of light. They shattered the twin towers, the
symbol of globalization! What did you expect?
That this would have no impact?

I'm sure this argument can convince you very little,
because you are able to see that the decline of the
system does not follow but precedes the destruction
of its symbol, the twin towers.

However, because this opinion illustrates
very nicely the quality of the arguments
with which the world is governed,
it is worthwhile dealing with.

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