How stupid do they really think we are?

Do they believe that we are not even able
to count on our fingers?

From 1.14.2000, when the index peaked at 11,723 units
until the eve of the terrorist attack on 9.11.2001, when it
had fallen to 9,605 units, 20 months of continuous fall
had intervened.

Who stopped the rapid rise of the index for so long,
transforming even the rise into descent?

Certainly not the premonition that a terrorist
attack was coming 20 months later.

The attack of the twin towers
happened at point A of Figure 6.

In fact, after 9.11.2001 the decline
of the index accelerated.
But until then the index had already
lost 2,118 units from its maximum,
almost as much as it had gradually
accumulated over ninety years
from 1900 until 1990!

And one more thing.

Yes, there was a decrease immediately afterwards.

Shortly afterwards, however, still in September,

there began a nice smooth upward trend
which until the end of the year led the index
higher than the day before the strike.

If it wasn't too farfetched, you could say that

the hit on the twin towers was a happy
coincidence for the economy.

How fortunate indeed that we had this stroke.

   And we thus received a nine-month "delay" in the
slippery slope which has tormented us since 2000.

   And in addition to this we had the advantage of saying,
that the system itself is not to blame for the decrease,
but the forces of evil.

   And the advantage of finally knowing who the enemy
was, something we had missed since the collapse of
the Soviet Union.

   And the advantage of being able to "tighten the belt"
both at home and with our allies.

That shortly after 9.11.2001 a nice upward trend
of the index started, is very interesting and well
worth investigating closer.

Imagine if we could find a correlation
between the events that followed the
attack and the increase in the index!

We'd have in our hands the magic
recipe for what to do every time
we wanted to raise the index.

What happened after 9.11.2001
we already know.

In less than a month on 10.7.2001,
at point B in the diagram, the invasion
of Afghanistan began.

The most terrible military machine the world has ever seen,
the united forces of U.S. and NATO attacked the poorest,
the most wretched and miserable country in the world,
which even before the attack, only existed with our charity.

I admired, of course, the speed of our response.

It seemed like we had foreseen or expected
the hit on the towers and we were prepared.

I confess however that I did not quite understand
in what respect the people of Afghanistan were
so guilty that they had to be punished so harshly.

I could not figure out how all the people of Afghanistan
decided to destroy the West and what machinery they
had available to achieve their devilish goals.

But for our leaders to decide thus, it must have been so.

The entire Afghan people,
young, old, men, women, children,
everyone had collaborated in the murder,
and they should be punished exemplarily.

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