The nightmare reality

The only objection (or the only hope?) that one might have,
is whether the mathematical game of this curve in Figure 3
is not true.

That it has nothing to do with reality.

That it's a simple game that could have been fun
if had not proven so scary.

       Do not worry. It is not true. These aren’t serious things.

They have nothing to do with reality. If it were so, our
leaders, the "wise men" who govern the world would
have realized it and they would have warned us.

Our system is not in
danger of disappearing.
Neither directly nor indirectly.

       All this about the curve in Figure 3,
is a fairy tale to make the young children scared.

Naive thoughts from someone who has no idea of economics.

This has nothing to do with reality. It is a simple nightmare.

We will wake up to see the real world around us totally different.

Our system is invulnerable and
will continue to exist unchanged
forever and ever.

      Instead of making funny math’s games to predict the
imminent collapse of the system and scaring people,
we would do well to open our eyes to reality and
at last be serious.


All right, let's look at something serious.
Something that is no game and is not laughable.

Let us look at Figure 4
(for the same period as in Figure 3)
the progression of the Dow Jones index
on the New York stock exchange.

By this time even the housewives have heard of this:

This index is the "barometer"
of the world economy.

I will not comment on this diagram.

I leave it to you to find out whether there is any relationship
between serious reality and the entertaining, amusing,
mathematical game of Figure 3.


How do you like that?


Was Fig. 3 a fairy tale?


And if that was a nightmare, then what is Figure 4?

This is something much worse. It is nightmarish reality.

These are no longer suppositions and funny games.

This is the reality.
Whether you like it or not.
This is it.

What does such a sequence describe?

The development of an explosion, of course.

Why don’t the "wise men" warn us?

Is it possible that they do not see that our system
is busting in the air?

What do you think?

How much longer will capital "give birth" to new capital?

How long can our system continue to exist?

The end is coming, if it hasn’t already arrived

All right, the naive admirers of the system do not see it.

They keep chewing the "stupidity cabbage", which is
fed to them daily by the "wise men", they believe in
the immortality of the invulnerable system and delude

The "wise men" however, why don’t they tell us that
the end is coming, perhaps, is already here?

But just a moment.

Where does the idea come from that 12,000 index points
is the absolute limit, which once reached causes us to blow up?

Perhaps the limit (I cannot imagine that someone ate so much
"stupidity cabbage" that he believes that there is no limit) is at
24,000 or 120,000 (such "predictions" were heard at the time
that the Greek stock market was galloping to its own abyss).

Why is Figure 4 so alarming?

After all since 2000 some years have gone by.

No disaster has occurred yet.

Hasnít it?

Really, how did the Dow-Jones index
react over the past years?

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