The prohibition of thinking

A real threat to the system can’t be discerned anywhere.

Except maybe one last possibility.

A threat that can come from free
thinking, from mental activity.

If we suddenly start to think, we could
actually cause the system trouble.

You would perhaps say:
well, what are we doing now,
aren’t we thinking?

What can I say? I don’t know. I'm not so sure.

      Do we really think freely, or only as much
as our system allows?

      Do we doubt what the system tells us, or do
we accept it without asking questions?

      Are we not ready at a moment’s notice,
to buy the most useless stuff when fashion
prescribes it?

      To ruin our health with harmful substances,
so that we are "in"?

      To harm ourselves and others, as we pointlessly
whiz around in our cars?

      To ruin the environment, by destroying the forest
and wasting water and electricity?

If we start to think this could even cause a change.

I believe that we can see the development
of our society as the result of mental activity.

The old workers’ slogan:
"All wheels stop, when our strong arm wants it"
refers to other times and other
production methods.


Today, those who can "stop all wheels"
are not those who will use their strong arm,
but those who will use their strong brain to
tap in some coded numbers on a keyboard.

If we look carefully,

we will see that the real social changes, that
means those which lasted (not those which
can bring impressive but transient effects) are
always the result of doubt created by thought,
which led to some new production method, a
new discovery, a new theory.

We owe our development to those who think,
who pose questions, who doubt the conventional.

Whether we invented a new machine or a new philosophical theory,
it was always the work of those who weren’t content with the solution
which was commonly accepted in their time, and were looking
for something new, something more effective.

Changes are caused by the
"restless", the thinking people.

They represent a potential threat to the system.

And the worst thing is that they are absolutely necessary. The
system can’t exist without them. Its operation depends on them.

They are the only ones who know how the complicated mechanism
on which the system is based works. They are in "key positions".

Fortunately they are not (yet?) conscious of their power.

The system has to control them,
and indeed it has already taken care of this.

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