The second level of education

Amid this storm,
the children must complete the secondary school.

After the foundations were laid in the first stage,
as we have seen, the next big lesson will follow
in the second stage.

Here the children will
be trained to memorize.

Rote learning is a basic foundation
of education for the system.

Whoever learns by heart doesn't need to think.
He is the ideal student,
and he will be the ideal subject for the system.

When later in life he needs something, instead
of thinking (which he can't because he has never
learned how to) he will resort to the ready recipes
which the system taught him, and he will have them
as a guide all his life.

In the second level of education the children will
learn to recite whole books by heart, like parrots,
and not only wise slogans such as:
"man is always alone" and "Homo homini lupus".

Whoever succeeds best in memorization will get
the highest marks, and based just on this ability
he will enter the University.

What awaits him there, we have seen.
No need to repeat it.

At no level of education will
the children learn to think.

    To think?
Are you quite mad?
Shall the system itself cultivate
thinking people, its unique threat?

There are other special things for the
child to do in the second stage.

At the time when he attends high school, he will start
something else very important.

He will start with private lessons, preparatory courses
and foreign languages.

The parents will do some extra overtime or look for a
second job, and the children will begin to run from dawn
far into the night, from one school to another.

How otherwise could they prepare for the life that awaits them?

Recently I heard an advertisement:

"Send your child to our school,
and at 15 yrs. old he will have two

diplomas in foreign languages".

Two diplomas at age 15!

And when will this hapless
child have time to play?

Why aren't the pedagogues on their feet,
grabbing bats and breaking heads?

Two diplomas at age 15!

Who has the right to abuse
a child like this?

Why isn't the prosecutor on his feet,
to catch them all and put them in jail?

Poor kids!

All mammals, from the kittens to the
wolf cubs, have the right to play.

Our little ones, no.

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