Fathomless naivety

And of course, the naive ones

(the system is based on them anyway)

still expect that after the crisis
the system will recover, thanks
to its magical, supernatural powers.

These powers give it the ability to oppose
the natural laws which forbid unlimited growth.

And the growth, to which our politicians
continue to refer, will begin again. And the
capital will continue to create new capital..

It’s as if this crisis resembles the
common cold, which a healthy
organism can overcome with its
own strength.

If our estimate about the impasse
of our system is true,

if money ceases to produce money,
if the indexes of the stock markets continue to fall
and the interest rates of the banks
are getting continuously lower,

then we are running at full steam to meet
a crisis that the world hasn’t seen before.
The previous crises (like 1929) would be
like breezes compared to a hurricane.

Whoever does not believe this

should take a look at Figure 5 and compare
the "the funny little dip" displayed near 1930
with the "abyss" that we have since 2000.

Here we don’t have a temporary crisis

due to overproduction of some goods
which we could treat with some economic
or monetary measures, or if necessary
with a small or even a big war.

Here we are dealing with
over-concentration of capital itself.

A capital that can no longer be invested profitably
and therefore is, according to the principle of our
system, completely useless.

We are in the final act of the drama, just before
the complete collapse of the system itself.

Or more correctly, before the
completion of its historical course.

The game is over.

If money does not bring more money,
if my shares don’t rise anymore and
the bank ceases to give me interest
then what is the good of the money
which I have tried so hard to collect
all my life?

Since it no longer brings me any income, it is useless.

It is as if I no longer own it.

It is as if it has been taken away,
as if it were confiscated.

Of course, the money has not lost its value.

I can still invest it, but without profit.

I can if I want, build, say a school.

But if I do this, then I have to realize that my money
will not benefit me personally. It wouldn’t "give birth"
to new money.

If anyone benefits from the new
"enterprise", it will not be me.

It may be the students.

Certainly not me.

As if my power, my money,
my capital is no longer mine.

As if I just manage it for the advantage of others.

Then why should I do it?
What motive have I to do anything at all?

Profit, the only driving force of
modern society, will be no more.

Unless the desire for additional wealth
is replaced by the desire for additional power.

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