A new motivation

The driving force behind each activity was till today the profit.

If profit is no longer possible, then will each activity
automatically stop?

Or could some other objectives
exist which would replace profit as motivation?

Let's say the desire for strength and power.

       Since I cannot be richer,
at least I can become stronger

Had the system that existed before the emergence of capitalism
not resulted like that?

Had the feudal lord not always been right and had he not
the privilege of enjoying the first fruits?

Only here again there is no necessity for activity.

       To achieve all this I have no need
to do anything more

       From now on the game changes.

       We have said it already; I can no longer
make a profit anywhere

       I need only a very small percentage of the
huge number of workers I needed before

       Now we play a new game.
The new game has a new name

       And I will finally stop hearing this silly word,
democracy, again and again

       Finally it's over; it's passée,
so we can breathe again

Thus, the problem of overpopulation and the environment
will be automatically solved and everything will be fine.

Of course there may be some hidden
problems in the transition to this new period

   of equilibrium,

   of perpetual unclouded happiness,

   without changes,

   flare ups,

   explosions and


   without liberty,


   democracy and

   other such nonsense.

Do not worry though. Everything is under control.

We have taken our measures, we have foresight.

I know that there is no doubt about it.

You know very well that no-one acquires world domination,
just to lose it by simple negligence.

Let's see it however in detail,
so that you can be sure and
you can sleep peacefully.

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