But I wouldn’t like to say farewell, leaving you in the darkness
of this black perspective.

So I have added to the text a second part with the title:

"A new beginning".

Something like an annex, which aims
to show that we could imagine other
approaches too, different from what
our system offers us.

The black perspective refers to the system.

This is irreversibly doomed.

But us?

Let's say it again:

Our fate will depend on our attitude,
and I think that we still have the
opportunity to make a choice.

And at this point we should perhaps
remind ourselves of Heracles.

The choice he had to make between
the way of Vice and the way of Virtue.
Each one praised his own way.

One suggested to take the easy way,

with comfort, with wealth, with delights,
with the best things man could imagine
for himself.

The other one, the hard way,

with deprivation, with effort, with
self-restraint for the sake of others.

Heracles was free to choose

and he chooses what free strong men
always choose.

He chose the difficult path.

The way of duty to others

(He must have been a stupid fool,
someone who thinks he's very smart,
said to me).

For many years we have been on the easy path of egoism.

Will we perhaps decide to
change to the way of Virtue?


Everything will depend on this decision.


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