War …the end of all

"Shot" is not written by chance.

This is the solution.

The magic recipe
for the renewal of the system.

And I think there are some who
would like to apply this solution.

With a nice big war, with the means now available to us,
we can decrease both the population and the wealth
in the shortest possible time to one-tenth,
so that growth can start again.

Those who govern us are unscrupulous.
They are capable of "walking over corpses".

If they were not,
they wouldn't have obtained
world domination, and we wouldn't
have had so many wars with so many corpses.

They will not change their mentality.

They will not suddenly convert from predators to benefactors.

They know, of course, that war is not a final, a permanent solution.
But in order to provide some albeit small or temporary profit, they
know the recipe and they will use it.

They will make wars.

Isn't this what they have been doing all this time?

Little or bigger wars.

The one after the other.

Why do you think they continue
to spend so much money on the
development of ever more effective,
that means even more lethal,

To use them as firecrackers
on New Year's Eve?

Are the weapons we already have today
not deadly enough?

Can't they destroy the entire planet ten times over?
Why do we need more deadly weapons?

This method involves, of course, the danger that
things can go wrong and end up out of control.

Because the nuclear weapons, which daily multiply and
spread ever wider could be used on a large scale
(as long as it remains small, it doesn't hurt).

Then we would finally have the disaster
which humanity has feared for over half a century.

If this happens
we don't need to worry about the future,
because there will simply be no future.

The human race
(together with some other species)
will gloriously disappear
in a majestic fireball.

If this does not happen,

the smaller wars will continue ad infinitum, and at the same
time an immovable global dictatorship will be established
which will become ever more absolutist and will prevent any
free thought or action in order to stay in power.

People will stop thinking.

That is, they will cease to be human.

We will have a slow inglorious end.

Our species will disappear sinking
in the swamp of misery, subordination
and enforced stupidity.

At this point this text is over.

It was an attempt to evaluate
the direction in which we
humans are going.

I am very sorry if I have displeased you,
but it seems that we aren't doing well.

We are going the wrong way.

We have selected only one side of our character,
the selfishness and the greed,
and we have built on it the economic and social system
to which we linked our fate.

If this leads us to the edge of the cliff,
than we go over with it.

Perhaps, after many years, space travellers
will visit the Earth and study what is left.

Then they will find that there had been a species
that had started with very good prospects, but one
day had decided to stake everything on one card.


The card called "selfishness".


And it had lost everything.


What a pity!



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