Nero and his lyre

At this point this text could end.

Because what I have to tell you,
Figure 1 and Figure 2 say it all.

You can draw the conclusions for yourself.
You can predict the decision of the Board of Reprieve.

We have an explosion of population on the one hand,
an explosion of greed and waste on the other.

These are the facts and are what we have to cope with.

Ours is the Earth and ours is the decision.

Either we climb a hill to have better view of
the burning city and play our lyre like Nero,
or we do something.

And please, don't tell me that it is not our concern and
not our responsibility to care about it, because there are

the wise men,
the authorities,
the trustees,
the rulers,
the Presidents
the Prime Ministers
and the others.

I will not accept it.

It is the responsibility of each one of us.

If you are, sir, actually a highly developed mammal,
a thinking primate, and not a gastropod, and you
see this beautiful planet threatened with catastrophe,
your own species with extinction, and the civilization
that your ancestors built stone by stone with destruction,
then you have to do something.


Otherwise, the leaders would
do well to treat you like a mollusc,
and you do well, to condemn
yourself to elimination.

Whoever wants to can take his
lyre and climb to the nearest hill.

Isn't this what most people do anyway?

Don't they give this answer at every opportunity?

"What's it to me?"

The question is,

will anyone remain who
will want to do something?

But do not ask me to tell you
what should be done.

I had no such intentions.
I just wanted to open the discussion.

If you want, we can work together
to look for the solution.

But it will not be easy.

We have a long way to go,
until we get to this point.

We have to solve a problem.

And there are not many ways
to solve a problem.

There is only one.

The other way is to hide our
heads in the sand like the ostrich and
pretend there is no problem.

In other words just as we
have been doing until now.

If we want to deal with the problem,

   we need first to understand it,

   we need to recognize the facts
that define its conditions,

   we need to analyse them,

   we need to search and, if we can,
find the causes of the phenomena,

   we have to agree on these
(and I consider this step very important and very difficult,
because you will see how those who are infiltrated from
the spirit of the system under which we live will react)

   then begin to make suggestions and

   discuss the possibility of solving the problem.

If we can succeed in making this analysis
with a few pages of simple text,
we should be more than happy.

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