"Freebooters and Plunderers Ltd"

Here, however, someone could be indignant and say:

       Why are you telling me all this and showing me
these charts?
Did you perhaps intend to suggest that Europe stops
using energy in order to get to the level of Africa?
Or maybe you want me, personally, not to use
my car because my neighbour hasn't got one?

What can I say?

He would be rightly indignant at the mere suspicion
of such a proposal.

The reference to the two tunics is long forgotten.

No one dares to suggest it seriously nowadays.

The slogan-orders of contemporary
society to the modern man.

The prevailing view of freedom,
progress and prosperity teaches
something different.

Freedom, progress and prosperity!

Are these not the three slogans?
(Ah, I forgot, also the equality of opportunity).
Is this not what is drummed into us every day?

       Do what you can to have a good time,
and don't ask how it will be tomorrow,
or how the others are doing.

Look at the earth.
If there are any forests,
cut them down to make firewood or toothpicks.

Look at the sea too,
if there are any whales,
kill them for their oil.

Search under the earth too.
If you find coal,
burn it to make electricity,
if you find oil,
put it in your car to go shopping.

What is wrong with that?


According to the prevailing perception
this behaviour is absolutely correct.

Especially now with the New Order, with globalization,
now you will see freedom, progress and prosperity, and
let's not forget equality of opportunities.

Only, it seems to me that here something cannot be right.

Is it possible that our attitude towards
the world is based on the mentality
and behaviour of robbers?


We have entered the treasure chamber
and are grabbing everything we find?


Who inspired us with this
"philosophy of plunder"
and we made it to our standard?

Is it possible for all this to go unpunished?

What lies behind the idea that
everything is allowed, provided we have
fast, easy and painless profit?

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