"Who wants to speak?"

The Internet currently offers the potential to present
views that are not under the control of the system.

It is something that seems to us quite new, in reality
however it is the modern form of what used to take
place in the Agora of ancient Athens, and constituted
the foundation of democracy.

Everyone was allowed to take the podium for a speech,
whose content he was able to determine for himself.

Today you can do exactly the
same thing on the Internet.

And you will be heard not
only by a few dozen people.

Thanks to the powers of modern technology,
you can be heard by the entire world.

There is of course a problem related to the huge
volume of information that is already on the Internet
and which grows daily greater.

To post some thoughts of yours on the Internet is reminiscent of the
castaway putting a note in a bottle and throwing it into the sea.

The chances that someone will read your thoughts
in the ocean of the Internet are just as small.

And this is probably the reason why the
system still allows freedom on the Internet.

It is betting that you cannot find a "needle in a haystack".

And as for the hay, there is more
than enough on the Internet.

That's why the issue of communication
is so extremely important.

If you find what you read interesting,
give the address of the page to your
friends and ask them to pass it on.

And the most beautiful part is that the financial
resources required for such a purpose are minimal.

Anyone can (for how long?) via the Internet
even take action against the system itself.

The organized resistance on the Internet that led to the
failure of the Conference of the World Trade Organization
in Seattle is the best example of the power of this medium.

And of course every so often we have the "pirate invasion"
in the "holy of holies" of the banks or the Pentagon, showing
how vulnerable the system is against people who can use
their brains even for a game.

Through the Internet we will not reach the great masses,
the crowds in a football stadium or in a festival.

We wouldn't have the audience of a
political meeting or a series on the TV.

We will have however
a selected audience.

They will be mainly young people, who rather than
sitting at the bar would sit at their computer.

And there, instead of looking for "porn",
they are looking for something different.

These are the people we need.

Young people who can still think.

If anyone can resist, then it's them.

They are numerically an insignificant minority, which
does not even appear in the "democratic" elections,
whose results are predetermined by the media.

But the "salt of the earth" never
made up the majorities.

And one more thing.

They are thinking young people from around the world.


They are already, or they will be tomorrow in
"key positions" from which they can enter the code
numbers in order to "bring all the wheels to a halt".


If they come in contact with each
other and organize themselves,
they can initiate the New Beginning.


Perhaps a first step in this direction would
be the dissemination of this text to provoke
a discussion of related topics.


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