If someone was very important,
he had a horse and would go on
horseback, like the cowboys.

The king, who was even more
important, had a carriage with
four horses, a "quadriga".

Nowadays it is almost expected that everyone
will have a carriage with 100 horses!

A car with a 100 hp engine.

As for their ability to pull the car,
these are real horses. The engine
provides the power of 100 horses.

One HP (horse power) is so determined:
the power of a work horse.

Have you ever seen 100 horses pass along
in a parade, a cavalry regiment?

I have never in my life seen so
many horses gathered together.

But I can imagine how dirty the road
would be, if so many horses ran over it.

Something similar happens with
the 100 horses of the car.

They fill the atmosphere with their dirt,
but because it is gaseous and mostly
odourless we do not notice it.