Many people believe that the more incomprehensible the words
and the more references there are in a text, the more thoughtful
and therefore more valuable is the study.

I do not agree with them.

For me, a study is as valuable as the
number of people it causes to think.

Therefore, the following pages are kept as simple as possible.

Yet, the following considerations
may seem strange to you.

The reason is that we are accustomed to think that
what our system teaches us is the undeniable truth.

Something like the laws of nature which allow no denial.

But if we want to think about a new beginning,
we must be aware that the new beginning cannot
be built on the foundations of the old system,
because otherwise we would make the same
mistakes again.

We must make the effort to avoid thinking in the
way that has been imposed on us until now.

Not to be trapped into thinking that what was
drummed into us was the absolute truth

If something you read below shocks
you do not be too quick to reject it.

Please, examine first whether it is contrary to logic.

If it is contrary to logic, then it is indeed to be thrown out.

If it is against the principles of the system,
then perhaps it is just what we are looking for.