Our rescue

Fortunately it seems that Divine Providence took pity on us.

While the index was in the most terrible decline of all
time so far, the favourable coincidence reappeared.

Terrorism struck again.

Not with a direct hit this time, but
with a terrible menace to all humanity.

The threat from Iraq's weapons of mass destruction.

And so we were forced, at point C in diagram 6,
to start the next war of liberation:

To rid Iraq of its dictator.

Who supported the dictator for years,
in his control of the Iraqi people,
that's another story.

The Iraqis, I guess, have already
realized how indebted they must be.

The humanitarian bombing and then the liberating
soldiers must have been received with great gratitude.

You know of course that the
big winners are those liberated
by this effort of ours.

They now live happily in long-lasting peace,
freedom and democracy surrounded by the
delights of the western way of life and the
liberal economy of the New Order.

Whether our index again
(purely by accident of course)
also showed a profit,
that can be seen in Figure 6.

From point C and onwards

(or a little bit earlier, because the index,
as in the previous wars, seems to "smell"
upcoming events) there began a wonderful
smooth upward trend that lasted over four years.

Certainly, alongside this fabulous increase of the index there
was some "collateral damages", as it is so nicely called.

A non-governmental independent
research group of professors at
the Johns Hopkins university
calculated that up to October 2006
650,000 Iraqis had died because
of the invasion.

Well, what can we do?
In order to save mankind from the
Iraqi weapons of mass destruction,
we had to accept some losses.

Because there had been observed some
not at all promising ups and downs in the index,

and in order to find out if (as long as we were in
an upward phase) a further increase was possible,
it would be worth repeating the experiment, and
starting the next war of liberation before the
beginning of the next drop.

Fortunately Divine Providence
(purely by accident of course)
came again to our help.
And so at point D of diagram 6,
after the terrorist kidnapping of two soldiers
we were forced to begin the liberation of Lebanon.

Although this humanitarian action didn't last long

(the basic infrastructure of a country can obviously in a short time
be reduced to a state which demands immediate reconstruction),
and there was no direct involvement of the great transatlantic ally,
again, miracle of miracles, the impact on the index was impressive.

The already ongoing rise was maintained and intensified.

We exceeded the maximum of the year 2000, we passed the
milestone of 14,000 points and we broke the all-time records.

Until the autumn of 2007 we could be optimistic.

We had nothing to fear anymore.
If the next big fall should start, Divine Providence
(which is known to be on our side)
would ensure that the next terrorist strike would take place,
so that we could start the next war of liberation.

We had the magic recipe.

And we would not miss the opportunities
for humanitarian actions.

There are lines of unhappy people
yearning to be freed, and the world is full of
state-nests of terrorists who are ready to
drown all mankind in blood.

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