What's next?

Why "next"?

There is no "next".

There is no continuity.

Didn't we say it before?

It's all coming to an end.

The answer to the question "where are we going?"

is clear I think:

"we are going over the edge of the cliff".

We are moving towards the abyss.

We are following our
system to its collapse.

All signs point in that direction..

None of the actions of our leaders
shows contrition, questioning of the
system or a willingness to change

Quite the contrary.

They show persistence to continue
in this direction.

Continue at any cost.

The cost will be high
from now on.

Let's get ready.

But why should we be led to disaster?

Won't those who govern us see that
we are going over the cliff, and even
at the last moment turn the steering
wheel round?

Do you think that they
have not seen it yet?

Do you know how old the voices are
which decry the hopelessness of the

Not only since the time of the "Club of Rome"
but a century before.

Do you think that
anyone cares?

Have you ever heard a politician or one of our
leaders say that we are on the wrong track,
because our system is condemned by its nature,
and that we should leave it quickly before it
draws us into the abyss?

On the contrary, they are still talking about growth
which will begin soon.
You will not find a single political speech
which doesn't talk about growth.


This means increasing energy consumption
and increasing damage to the environment.

And for what purpose?

Only to increase profits and
develop the economy.

A growth which they well know is no longer possible.

They laugh in our faces.

Unless they have something else in mind.

They hope to find a way to make growth
possible again so that investment might
be profitable again.

Let us find a way on the one hand to reduce the earth's population
to one tenth, so that we have a new population explosion, and on
the other hand to decrease the accumulated wealth of the earth
(houses, factories, ships, airports) to one tenth so that growth starts
again, and we have a new capitalist explosion.

To start the Monopoly game anew.

Do you understand how important
it is to achieve both these
goals with one "shot"?

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