It is not only the colossal size of the amounts
- in the order of billions - that are played,
but also the incredible fact that these sums
grow steadily even though the shares fall.

Figure 8 provides us with additional proof that
this billion-dollar-game is played by a few people.

What impresses in Figure 8 is the huge variation in values.
One day they have played 8 billion, the next only one.

This can only be explained by the fact that
only a few players invest these huge amounts.
Yesterday they played a lot of money,
Today, they have not played.

If we had a lot of players, the differences would balance out,
because instead of those who have not played today others
would have played.

The more players there are,
the smoother the curve would be.

The fewer the players, the greater the
fluctuations from one day to another.

The game of billions is a
game for a few players.