A very simple solution

Finding the measure for
our basic needs is very easy.

We have used it already when we thought about
how to distribute water to the castaways.

The measure arises from the data about
the environment and our numbers.

That's all.

As simple as that.

If we have enough water for everyone
to use 200 litres a day, then this is the measure.

Beyond that is wasteful and
shameful extravagance.

If the 200 liters are too much for someone,
he doesn't need to use it all.

That will be to the advantage of the rest.

If the water supply allows only for 10 litres
a day, then the measure is 10 litres, because
if one person uses 11, then he steals a litre
from someone else who will only get 9.

The same applies to air conditioners, to cars or anything else.

If we have enough air conditioners for everyone
who feels hot to have one, and we have enough
energy to operate them day and night without
further burdening the environment, then why not,
so shall it be.

But, if we have only a few air conditioners, then it is obvious
that we must give priority to those who belong to the so-called
"sensitive groups in society", the elderly and those suffering
from heart problems.

And if we don't have enough energy, or damage to the
environment doesn't allow it, then we have to operate
the air conditioners for only a few, highly critical hours.

But here arises a question that is so central that the success
of our whole effort depends on the answer we will give.

Our whole dream of a new society that is
not based on robbery stands or falls on
the answer, we will give to this question.

If there are not enough air-conditioners, nor enough energy
to spare, and the environment can't tolerate a further burden
               (and unfortunately, this is the situation today),
who makes sure that the air conditioners only go to those
who actually need them, and that they use them only
when it is absolutely necessary?

Will we perhaps need a very strong police force?

We will not need the police at all,
is the answer I would suggest.

       But if there is no police force, then every cheat will
bribe a doctor to give him the "certificate of sensitivity"
and will from then on have the air conditioner running
day and night, even in winter, to counteract the heat,
because he will also have the heater on high.

Very true.

According to the prevailing mentality this is exactly what will happen.

We have the mentality cultivated by the system
in which we live, and if we don't change this mentality,
it is futile to dream of any change in society.

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