A nasty prospect

But is it possible that our own success threatens us?

The fact that we have had such great success,
can this be the reason for our extinction?

Certainly it can, say the biologists.

The population explosion
is followed inevitably by
the population disaster.

The new conditions created by overpopulation,
will lead the species either to total elimination or,

if it is lucky and manages to develop new
attitudes of self-control of its population (where
from lack of food even cannibalism cannot be
excluded), to a drastic reduction in numbers, in
order to come into a balance with its environment.

The recipe for success in nature
is equilibrium, not explosion.

Now, these prospects of destruction, of cannibalism
and of drastic reduction in population that can lead to
the total extinction of our species, I don't like them at
all and that is why I am writing this text.

Someone would certainly say, that

these are the laws of nature, and
no one asks me if I like them or not.

But here I have one objection:

Our success and our
special place on earth
we owe to our logic.

Our success and our unique position on Earth,
we owe not only to the laws of nature but also
to our logic and our reason.

Therefore, it may not be correct, if we transfer our
experience and observations on the fate of other
species directly to our species.

There is a fundamental difference between
the fermentation bacteria and us.

We can think.

This ability gave us the strength to overcome
all the obstacles we have encountered so far
and to achieve such a growth in our population.

We must now expect this ability to help us
solve the overpopulation problem. If this is
the only problem we have to solve, just as
our ability to think logically should also help
us to solve all the other problems.

If we expect the solution to come
from the laws of nature, then we know
how painful this solution will be.

But before we deal with all that, let's first consider
the energy issues related to the survival of our species.

For here we are not dealing with conflicting views
or statistics which we can interpret as we like.

We are dealing with the basic laws of nature,
with the principles of thermodynamics.

This is not to trifle with.

Since there is no: "... yes, but...".

Either we will be allowed to survive or not.

The survival of the fermentation bacteria
is not allowed in any case.


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