An unsolvable problem

This is the dead end:

       Where can we invest our money profitably?

The proposal to increase consumption
is only a temporary solution.

The question is not what we will do
with the surplus goods.

There the answer is quite clear:

We will throw them away.

This is what we have been doing for quite some time.

Why do you think the spirit of reckless waste
was cultivated, and the landfills flooded?

The problem is not the goods, it's the capital.

The question is what we will do
with the excess capital.

That we cannot throw away.

It has to be invested somehow,
to "produce" new capital.

If capital ceases to generate
capital, our system simply
ceases to exist too.

It is as simple as this:

Ceases to exist profit?
Our system ceases to exist.
Full stop.

Due to continuous growth over the last decades,
an enormous, an unprecedented amount of capital
has accumulated around the world.

The volume of this thirsty-for-profit-capital
is so huge that it now is developing
its own dynamic.

It is desperately looking for "markets", for investment
opportunities, just to find someone to sell him no matter what.

Are you not surprised that now the big market is China?

But there they have communism ...

       And so what, what do I care?
I just want to "invest".
(When I say to "invest", to dress,
you know what I mean:
to strip them, to leave them quite naked).

Have you noticed that lately even small children
have been found under the fire of consumerism?

This is called selection of the appropriate target group
in the language in advertising. Very true. This group is
the target, the point on which the rifle fire of advertising
must concentrate. It is a section of the population that
can still be exploited.

Have you seen how the commercials refer
more and more to very young children?

Have you seen that now even perfumes and colognes
are being promoted for children of five or six? Do you
understand the frustration and the despair of capitalists
who can no longer find where to put their money?

But neither China nor the babies can save the situation.

The amount of money that must
be invested profitably is colossal,
and it is not possible to find other "growth gaps"
for the investment of so much money.

There is no room for the investment of so much money

either in the weapons' trade or the drugs' trade or
in the trade of the human body, whether whole for
prostitution, or in pieces for transplants.

In the past the logic of our system actually functioned.

A capital owner bought a fallow field with his money
he built a factory there and began production. That
means creating goods not existing before and so
creating wealth. He kept a portion of the profit to
increase his capital and built an even larger factory
which allowed for greater profit so that he could
build an even larger one and so forth.

It was also very convenient for us that we had the population explosion.

We had more and more workers, more and more consumers.

What a happy coincidence, indeed!

Or perhaps it was not coincidence and simple negligence
that we hadn't looked to control the population in time?

But how long can this continue on the finite planet?

The unfortunate fermentation bacteria could also have the question:

"Until yesterday everything was going so well,
and we are multiplying at an ever-increasing rate.
Why do we have to die now?"

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