A funny thought …

Imagine, just for fun, that today's parliaments decide to
follow the example of Solon and the states declare suddenly:

          "We're tired.

          We will not play this game of borrowing anymore.

          We are tired of begging every year the same ten or twenty
richest men in the world to lend us again the money which
we gave them last year and which was never theirs.
Because they have of course not worked to produce the
billions that we are begging to borrow today, so that we
give them back tomorrow plus interest.

          Our people have worked for this money, and it belongs to them.

          You know something, my rich lords?

          There is a word invented by a certain Solon 2,600 years ago:


          Our debts are cancelled.

          You will not be wronged though.
The money you lent us, we will give it back.
But without interest.
You didn't work to earn the interest, and you
cannot demand that our citizens work for it.

          Good bye."

You can imagine that some people would be very upset.

For example, Mr. X who, as the newspapers reported,
last year made $ 4,000,000,000, betting on the stock
market that the government would help the banks.
(And of course he did everything in his power to
make his forecast come true).

Or Mr. Y, who hopes this year to make even more
by betting on the bankruptcy of Greece.
(And of course he does everything that lays in
his power, so that his forecast will come true)?

They will be very upset.

They and the ten or twenty of their peers
who have achieved world domination.

But why?
Because they will lose their money
(or more exactly their profits)?

Of course not. That this money was at risk,
they already knew when they gave it.

But they gave it willingly since thereby
they bought world domination.

This is what they would lose,

              world domination,

and they certainly don't like that at all.

But what can they do, if the states make the
decision for debt relief?

Exactly the same as the rich Athenians in 594 BC.

They will sit politely there and watch how the law is applied.

If the decision for debt relief becomes the law
of the country, then no one can transgress it.


Because then the real power will belong
to the nation, and not to Mr. X and Mr.Y,
as they tried to make us believe.

To the nation which keeps
gendarmes, judges and jail
ready for those
who violate the law.

Whoever violates the law is marched off to prison.

If these gentlemen want to violate
the law, they will go to jail.

And it may be that these men and their fellows
would indeed be upset, but on the other hand
billions of people would, perhaps for the
first time in their life, laugh wholeheartedly.

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