The most successful species

There have been increasing, in recent times,

concerns and grumblings from all sides 
that something is wrong with us humans, 
that we with our behaviour have succeeded 
in making each other unhappy, that our 
attitude towards the planet on which we live
is not correct and that we are destroying it 
by our reckless attitude.

And so on.

Can we, human beings,
be pleased with ourselves?

In this text, I would like to suggest

that we reflect together on what 
you have already most certainly 
considered by yourselves, whether 
all these concerns are justified.

We will analyse the situation,

make the most objective possible 
statements, recognize the laws, 
perhaps find the causes, and possibly 
reach conclusions or even suggestions.

So, in order to begin this dialogue,

I would like to provoke you at this point,
by claiming that all these worries are
completely unjustified.

We live in paradise, our way of life is great and
we have never had it so good.

Don’t we see how well we are doing?

Just take a look around us to confirm it.

Don’t we see, how much comfort
we have today

compared with what we had ten
or twenty or fifty years ago?

So, we just need to continue to do exactly
what we have been doing until now,

so that in another ten, 
twenty or fifty years we will do even better.

Why do we constantly complain?

Do you not also believe 
that we live in paradise?

You will perhaps tell me that such an approach

is subjective and we should examine the 
whole matter objectively.

I have no objection to doing so.

We live on a planet whose atmosphere 
we can breathe.

The most valuable substance present on the planet,

fresh water, falls literally as a gift from the heavens.

The sun incessantly sends us heat and light and makes the plants

in our fields grow thus ensuring our life.

What else do we want?

If this isn’t paradise, where is it then?

Moreover we have made our own contribution,

and have developed systems,

•   so that we don’t feel cold even in winter,

•   so we have light at night too,

•   so that our fields produce much more and

•   we can sit here now nice and comfortable, 
    to talk about paradise and

•   not to have to worry that a sudden downpour

    makes us soaking wet,

•   or to be afraid that we get caught by some
    hungry lion,or a pneumonia bacterium.

We are undoubtedly the most successful species that lives on the planet.

There is no other species that threatens us or keep us in check.

And all this we have achieved thanks to our logic, our intelligence.

We are clever and inventive, and we can find solutions for 
all the problems we encounter.

We have no more 
fear of anybody. 

Except of ourselves.

This eventuality however, 
that we are threatened by our own species, 
cannot be seriously considered.

It would be ridiculous to waste just a single thought on it.

A "neutral observer" from the outside, would absolutely exclude it.

It isn’t possible that a species, which based on its ability

to think logically won power over a planet, can be
threatened by itself, by this same species.

It’s absurd. 

It can’t be that a species, 
especially a rational and 
a very successful one, 
puts itself in danger.

Well lo and behold!

This absolutely unthinkable, 
this totally preposterous idea, 
this seems to be just the case!

But how is it possible, what objective
data do we have for that?

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