World domination

Yes. This will happen. And it has happened already, long ago.

What we sometimes say in the anger of the moment that
our rulers are not the servants of the people but the servants
of the system, is not because they are bad and corrupt.

It's because they are forced to.

They cannot do otherwise.

They are trapped within the system.

A system that is collapsing dragging
with it the governors and the states
and all of us into the abyss.

One question may still remain to be answered:

How will the financiers get back all that money owed by the states?

The answer is:

Simply, they will not get it.

They will never get it.

Because it is not possible anymore
to generate so much new money.

Where will all the trillions come from which
are owed by the States to the financiers?

   But if it is so, that the financiers will never get their money
back, why do they continue to lend money to the states?†

   Don't they know that they will lose their money?

   Don't they realize what we, with our simple minds, have
already understood?

   Are they stupid?

No they're not.

They already know that
they will lose their money.

But they also know that this
money from the moment it
became too much to create
more, is practically useless.

What good is money if it stops growing?

Of course you can always buy something with the money
but what is there that these people don't have already?

Unless you use the money to acquire something else.

No more material goods, because they have already
everything, no more money, because it is no longer
possible, but more power.

Economically subordinating one country after another,
to acquire absolute control, absolute power.

To "buy" world domination!

When you buy something you lose the money you give, but what
you get in return interests you more than the money spent.

World domination would actually be a target which
is worth spending large sums of money on.

The dream of world domination is very old.
Both in history and in literature it is often repeated.

   One tried it with swords.

   Another with canons.

   A third with tanks.

But each time it lasted only briefly.

Soon, something went wrong, and
it fell apart. Just as dreams do.

But this time it seems to be happening.

Neither cannons nor
tanks were needed.

Only money.

A lot of money, of course, but it was finally available.
This is why we amassed it for so many centuries.

All the power and sovereignty over all the nations
of the world has passed into the hands of Capital.

This is what "decides and orders" now.

Complete global dominance has finally been achieved.

There is no escape for the states.

With each passing day the problem exacerbates,
because the interest is adding up.

From the moment when a state has to borrow money to pay its creditors, it is lost.

If it now has to borrow money to pay the debts of yesterday, tomorrow it
has to borrow still more money, because the new interest will be added.

This is a vicious circle. There is no escape.

The states will fall more and more deeply into debt. They will become more
and more enslaved to their creditors. And the authority will increasingly pass
into the hands of the wealthy individuals they borrowed from.

And of course democracy which accompanied us
so many centuries in the course of the evolution
of our society goes down the drain.

It lasted till now. Now it's over.

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