Let's get real though.

Let's stop occupying ourselves with the
hopes of supernatural intervention and
with the (real or fictional) terrorist threats
and look at what happened afterwards.

Since autumn 2007 our index showed an unprecedented decline.

What happened?

Have we no longer any instrument available to stop the collapse?

Has the miracle medicine - war - lost its effectiveness?

Or is its effect only of limited duration?
How long can a war actually revive the economy?

Just take a look at the performance
of the Dow-Jones index to find it out.

The respite it brings is actually limited.

Once a war begins the index begins to rise forcefully.
This increase however becomes smaller and smaller
with each passing day.

As time passes the curve loses its original momentum.

After a few months or a few years (depending on the
financial strength of the involved country) it tends to
level out and then the inherent ominous vibrations
begin to appear.

Nor can the solution of constantly starting
new wars operate ad infinitum.

Even the richest country in the world is unable
to live constantly in a state of war.

Although in comparison to the disaster

that the attacked country suffers, the losses
of the invading superpower are minimal, they
accumulate nevertheless over the years.

Public opinion in the country begins to get impatient,
world public opinion turns against the superpower.

And the economy may initially show growth

because some firms will benefit from government
contracts, the state however spends money which
it does not possess and which it must borrow for the
most counterproductive purpose imaginable, for war.

Who could afford an even bigger war with a financially stronger state,
which would last longer and benefit the economy for a longer period?

Because with invasions that involve only a few
hundred dead in countries that depend on outside
help to survive, the situation cannot be saved.

At Christmas 2008 we had the
"elimination of the terrorist
threat in the Gaza Strip".

Did it ever help the index, even though
nothing was left standing in the area?

At point E of diagram 6 you can discern a slight rise,
which in the terrible fall that prevailed after the end
of 2007, and because of the negligible economic size
of the "liberated country", is so small that it is difficult
to connect it to this war.

So what solution is left?

Haven't you understood yet?

There is no solution.

We're stuck at a dead end.

The new millennium has revealed
that it cannot continue.

Our system has reached its end.

Certainly, anyone who didn't want

to deceive himself could have foreseen
this one hundred years ago. He had just
to do the simple calculations that we did
in chapter: "A serious joke".

Or even at the last minute prior to 2000 when in just
five years the index increased from 4,000 to 11,000.

We had a real explosion.

What do you expect to find after an explosion?

After an explosion there are only ruins.

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