The chance

Here, I think I should stop. I have tired you enough.

After I made "your heart heavy" with the pessimistic
forecasts in the first section, I tantalize you now with
the details of a utopia that will not be realized.

Will it not?

Who knows what will and what will not?

Who is able to predict the future?

Only the one who has planned the future.

The one who says:

"This glass is about to fall
off the table and shatter".

And he gives it a push, and the glass is gone.

And the other who says:

"In this area there will be a
children's playground in six months".

And he's chasing from authority to authority, and he
is battling with the bureaucrats, and he is gathering
signatures, and he finds the money, and he brings
in the bulldozers, and he is at the end of his strength,
but in six months, the kids are playing there, and the
whole area is filled with their shouts.

Which scenario will be realized for humanity,
that of the destruction we saw in the first part of this text
or a utopia such as in the second part,
we will decide this ourselves.

No one else.

What those who govern us have decided is,
I think, clear enough.

They are already stretching their hand to push
the glass, so it breaks into a thousand pieces.

We? What have we decided?

Will we build the playground?

Everything will depend on this decision.

       But what possibilities are open to us,
are not all roads blocked?
In the first part of the text we were
convinced that the system had
taken precautions for everything.

Yes, it is so.

Or it seems to be so.

But this is not the most important thing.

The most important thing is whether we
"sit down like chickens" waiting to be caught
and led to the slaughter, or whether we decide
to do something.

If we reach a decision, we may be
able to find a way to save ourselves.

Maybe. There is no guarantee.

But we will have at least tried.

If we do not decide, then surely nothing will be done.

That is guaranteed.

The greatest strength of the system is our
indifference, our laziness, our inaction.

   The "what's that to me?",

   the "we're doing so fine" and

   the "can I save the world?".

       Suppose that we have made the decision,
what could we do?.

At the moment, just talk to each other.

Nothing more. We do not have much free scope.

And maybe we don't need to do much more.

If such views are spread and accepted
by the majority, then it's over.

If general approval is not with the owner of the two signature suits,
but with the man who walks around with his single shirt, because
he has given his other one to someone with no clothes, then we will
have entered a new era.

At the moment all we need to do is to spread the news as far as possible:

"The king is dying".

The beast, our system, is expiring.

Not because someone
has wounded it.

By itself, it is dying of old age.

Be on your guard, it will cause great
harm in its final convulsions.

But now the opportunity is there.

Now that it is collapsing.

If it doesn't destroy us totally in its death throes,
we will have the chance to build that playground.

       And how to start this communication,
how to spread the news?
Will we use the media?

I don't think that the system will offer us its most powerful
weapon, the mass media, to turn it against itself.

We must find other ways.

We can still talk to each other.

Perhaps our friends will show more interest in such
a discussion, rather than in the latest news about the
love affair of actress X or in the details of the crime Y.

Let's write letters or SMS.

If someone has a way to approach a journalist
who escaped the sieve of the system and lies
like a "dormant secret agent" within the system
itself, let him request his assistance. He would
find a way to do something.

Finally, there is something that could be really
embarrassing if not dangerous for the system.

It’s what we are using
just at this moment.

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