The first "enemy" that I met was a tiger.

He was so handsome and his movements so natural,
agile and graceful, that I did not have the heart to kill it.

But what could I do? I was in a dilemma.
If you do not kill it, then it devours you.

With great effort and a lot of time, I managed to avoid it,
and progress in the game, without having to kill it.

But I had little time to appreciate my success
because there appeared the next enemy.

Some terrible black spiders which
began to climb my legs and bite me.

What should I do? You tell me!

I was obliged to kill them. But
they were also extremely ugly.

Immediately afterwards, with hair-raising screams,
several hideous black birds rushed at me and tried
to gouge my eyes out.

So, I gave them the right answer.

Gradually I got used to it.

Later, when some tigers appeared again,
I didn’t stop to think how graceful their
movements were.

I sent them right back to where they came from.

And when later, as the game progressed,
the bad guys appeared, some wretched
armed gangsters, who slay you right away
if you don’t shoot first,

I had no problem dealing with them.

By the end of the game I had advanced so
much that I inwardly wished there were more
villains, so I could show who is the best.