The absolute absurdity

And the funniest thing is that all this fraud which was set
up at the expense of the peoples of Europe was baptized:

"Assistance to Greece".

This is what they call it both in Greece and all over the world.
All of them, both the printed and the electronic press, all the
politicians of all persuasions, and finally all the common people
who cannot do otherwise.

But this is a monstrous lie.

Doesn’t even the most naive of all the people know that from this
huge, this startling amount of billions not one euro came to Greece?

You would say to me:

Why are you so upset?
Is it the first time that we are being lied to?
Do you not know that the world is ruled by lies?

You are right.

But this time the lie is too tough to be swallowed without chewing.

And the money is so incredibly much.

So much money has never been moved around at any time
before. Is it not legitimate to wonder what became of it?

Where this money comes from, we know.

It comes from the pockets of European taxpayers,
especially those in the rich Central European countries.

The question is, where is this money going?

Not to Greece, at any rate, we’ve said that already.

Money constantly flows out of Greece.

This is the money which the Greek government seizes from workers
and pensioners, from the increased taxes and soon from selling off
at half price all it's remaining assets.

Where then is all this money flowing?

Where does the giant so-called aid to Greece go,
together with what results from the squeezing of Greece?

These are colossal sums.

Wherever they have been channeled, they must have caused a huge financial
boom, an explosion of prosperity and consumerism mainly of luxury goods.

So if you want to know where "the aid to Greece" went,
you just need to look where in Europe or elsewhere the
economy is blooming despite the financial crisis.

In this direction flows the gold river. Like a new
Marshall Plan to strengthen ... the strong economies.

And Greece?

Greece, which already had so many debts, is charged in addition
with this huge amount which goes to support the wealthy states!

Instead of saying

"The aid from rich countries to Greece"

it would be more appropriate to say:

"The aid from Greece to the rich countries"

What can you say about this now?

How can you not admire the ability of the system,
to discover new sources of enrichment?

Since the growth which would create new wealth for the system is
no longer possible, the system now forces the governments to take
money from their citizens and give it directly to it.

The reasoning of the system is very simple and logical:

       I have this huge amount of money available,
which should earn me a profit.

Investing it in development is no
longer possible, because I can’t
find such large "development gaps"
to invest so much money in.

       I have no other choice but to find out where
as much money as I need has already been
amassed and go and get it

Where is there as much money as I need?

The answer is: only the State produces so
much money.

Thus using the power of money which I already
have, I will force those who govern the State
to hand over its money to me.

It's that simple.

We have long known that those who govern us are not the servants
of the citizens, as they claim, but the servants of the system.

But only a few of us would expect that our governors would descend
to such a level of shamelessness to put their hand directly in our pocket
and take what little bitterly earned money is still there, in order to throw
it into the gaping, bottomless, insatiable mouth of the system.

We must accept with patience if not with joy the fact that for this
purpose we need to tighten our belts even more and work even harder.

It is a matter of salvation of the greater
good. It is a matter of salvation of
the profits of the speculators.

It was of course no different in the past. The state has always made
sure that the money was transferred from our pockets to the system.

But at least It happened in disguise.

We gave the money which was transferred directly to the system voluntarily,
stupid as we are, by buying all the useless rubbish it is selling.

What the state took from us compulsorily by the various
constantly rising taxes seemed to be used for our benefit.

It was used to build schools and hospitals.

Of course, the money finally came back into the system, into the pockets
of the financiers who undertook not without profit each project. But at least
this transfer was not done so openly and explicitly.

Now they tell us that the system lacks money and for our own benefit we have
to become indebted and to indebt the future generations of our descendants in
order to strengthen the system with even more money.

They pretend to ignore Figure 8 which proves beyond
doubt that the system not only has no lack of money

but rather is drowning in money,
like the fermentation bacteria
drowning in their own feces.

They are not ashamed to tell such big lies to our faces.

The shame is totally lost.

The last trace of logic is totally lost and we
have reached the ultimate absurdity:

The purpose of the existence
of the system is not to serve
people and their needs.

The purpose of man's existence is
to serve the system and its needs.


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