The absurdity of the situation

Is it possible that they are so foolish as to hope that by some magic
influence growth will begin again, and the shares will rise again?

Haven’t they realized that the global economic giants are collapsing one
after another? If they had bought the shares of one of these "stalwart"
giants yesterday, because they found them cheap, what would they do
now when the giant has declared bankruptcy?

Of course it isn’t possible not to know all this.
Of course they know that the Dow-Jones is falling.

As of course they know that the chances of winning in the stock
market game are smaller than winning at roulette or the horse races.

But they know also something else.


They know that they have nowhere
to invest their money profitably.


They hold this astronomical amount of money
that has been produced by the work of others
(because it would have taken thousands of
years to save it up from their own efforts),
but they don’t know what they can do with it.

And like we said.

This money which they do not need at all, they still
want to increase it further. They are desperate. And
more than that, they are sick. They are seriously ill
with incurable insatiable greed.

Just like those who gamble at roulette and horse racing.

And the nonsense in the
official statements continues.

These pitiable sick speculators are called investors, and the
impending economic recovery is shown to be absolutely guaranteed.

The fact that since 2000 we are actually
in a permanent crisis is ignored.

We behave as if we have not understood it.

Instead of admitting that something very serious is happening to our system
(exactly as we predicted in the chapter, "A nightmare scenario"), we talk
about independent "crises" in the plural and invent nonexistent excuses and
imaginary culprits.

The indication of the culprits is of very great importance,
because it is against them that the wrath of the people will turn,
for otherwise they could identify the real culprit, the system.

For the fall of the Dow-Jones
after 2000, what was to blame?

       The attack on the twin towers,
though it came one and a half
years later!

For the terrible decline in
mid-2002, what was to blame?

       The "intuition" that we would find the
weapons of mass destruction in Iraq!

For the sinking that started
in 2008, what was to blame?

       Some bank employees!

For the 2010 crisis and
the threat to the euro,
what was to blame?

       The Greek civil servants
and pensioners!

It is always someone else's fault.

The system itself,
which from its internal law of functioning is
always in crisis and has now reached its end,
is never to blame.

In order to save the banks
(the representative par excellence of the system)
so that they could continue to carry out their
charitable social role, the states,
that is the taxpayers, gave them
(and some failing companies)
some billions in 2009.

This, however, as was to be expected,
only stimulated their appetite, and now
they are trying to get even more money
from the state, by attacking the euro.

What can we say?

The system's ability to continually discover
new ways to acquire wealth is admirable.

It now orders the governments to take the
money of their citizens and to give it to them.

Only that the states, living on credit already,
don’t have this money and must borrow it.

But where can a state borrow
money, have you any idea?

Where else except from the banks that
manage the money of private individuals.

So for the banks to help, the state borrows money
from the banks and gives it back to the banks.

That's a joke, you will say.

The state has taken money from the banks
and has given it back to the banks.


There has been no change.


The money was in the banks,
and now is again in the banks.


Nothing happened.

On the contrary, something
very important happened.

The state now owes these gigantic sums
of money to the banks and must take the
money from its citizens to pay the banks.

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