The destroyed paradise

Reasonable people have been sounding the alarm for a while.

Now even the most stupid begin to understand it.

Our paradise is slowly
being destroyed.

What do you mean slowly?

In reality, it is destroyed always faster and faster.

With ever-increasing speed.

Unfortunately, it seems that our paradise is being destroyed.

   The oceans, the lakes, the rivers, the land, the air is
filled with trash, with sewage, with mud, with poison.

   The climate has begun to change.

   The raw materials are running out.

   Our fields are exhausted.

   The desert (where life is no longer possible), is spreading
over the planet.

   The forests are disappearing.

   At the same time a lot of animal and plant species are
disappearing every day.

   In their place, however, new diseases to humans,
animals and plants appear daily, and the first monsters
of genetic technology have begun to spread freely.

In other words, our paradise is being destroyed continually.

But is it destroying itself, or is
someone responsible for this?

This third person singular "destroyed" is a little misleading and I don’t like it.

What does it mean to be destroyed?

Is it perhaps being destroyed by itself?

Or perhaps some aliens have come,
some Martians for example,
and are destroying it?

Now tell me, please,
is this behavior of ours
the behavior of rational beings?

If indeed some aliens came, not to destroy the Earth,
but to see what kind of creatures inhabited this beautiful
planet, what opinion would they form about us?

That we are sawing off the branch we are sitting on,
and singing "while our homes burn".

What can anyone say to that?

And the funniest thing of all is that we have a very high opinion of ourselves.

Oh, "the crown of creation"!
and "created in God’s image"!
and "the wise man"!

We even awarded ourselves the title

Homo sapiens.

Just as some people are self-proclaimed

presidents, doctors, barons,

or whatever they fancy.

Homo sapiens!
A truly very wise creature!

Homo hooliganus

I heard once, and found it much more appropriate.

But what went wrong?
What mistake have we made?
Did we not start out properly?
Have we not progressed right the whole time?

You will surely agree that this is true.
With purely objective criteria, we can say,
that we were doing fine.

If any doubt exists, we need only to remind ourselves
of the development of our population on the earth.

Is there a better criterion for the success
of a species, than the increasing of the number
of its individuals in its habitat?

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