Life is a phenomenon that is only possible when
combined with energy consumption.

This is a consequence of the second
law of thermodynamics.

Life can only be maintained under
perpetual power consumption.

There cannot be an organized system that grows
and multiplies, if it is not continuously fed with energy.

And if it still moves its hands and feet, and talks, and
climbs stairs, and maintains its body temperature at a
different level from that of the environment, then the
first principle of thermodynamics comes into force also
and requires even greater energy consumption.

Plants take their necessary energy as light energy
directly from the sun.

Animals get it as chemical energy with their food.

By the miracle of photosynthesis, plants convert
carbon dioxide into plant tissue and store chemical
energy in the form of carbohydrates.

No one else but plants can utilize the sun's energy directly.

The rest of us who live on Earth take ready-made chemical
energy and live directly or indirectly at the expense of plants.