Money multiplies

For those who perhaps have not yet understood
the extent and the significance of this explosion,
it would be useful to take a look at Figure 7.

It shows how much money is transacted each
day in the New York stock exchange. Of all the
"explosive" curves we have seen till now, the
curve of Figure 7 is the "most explosive".

It demonstrates most clearly and incontrovertibly
what we calculated in chapter: "A serious joke".

Namely that the existing capital is growing explosively.

And this Capital must be, accordingly to the basic principle
of our system, profitably invested.

And perhaps this diagram gives the answer to the question,

what happened to our system somewhere before 2000 and
started the vibrations in the system and in its "barometer",
the Dow-Jones Index.

Figure 7 shows exactly that around 2000
the hyper-concentration of capital began
to reach astronomical dimensions in the
range of billions.

That’s where it all started.

All the evils that followed in the new
century, and the even more terrible
things which will follow.

As we predicted in our amusing mathematical game,
there comes a moment when the accumulated capital
has become so large that there is no longer any possibility
for productive investment.

Now, its urge to increase degenerates completely into
what we called self-destructive cannibalism.

Figure 7 shows this change exactly.

After 2000 a gigantic amount of
capital shifted to the stock market.

In the stock market nothing is produced,
wealth isn’t generated there.

There you can become rich only by taking
the money from someone else’s pocket.

Previously, someone could claim

that bringing his money into the stock
market was a productive investment.

The company whose shares he bought,

would have more capital, would expand
its business volume and thereby create
new wealth.

But now this is no longer possible.
We all know: companies are limiting
their cycle of work.

In spite of that however, since people continue
to work and the corn in the fields continues
to grow, wealth is produced daily in the world.

This wealth accumulates continuously

in the hands of a few people who cannot
know where to invest their money.

So they take it to the stock market.

They hope, through the ups and downs
of the share prices, that they will win what other
shareholders will lose. Exactly as in roulette.

The money that has accumulated around the world
is a lot of money, a great deal of money, a huge
amount of money.


It has increased tremendously and
continues to increase rampantly.

The number of billions of these amounts

is so difficult for us simple people to
perceive that we need to make a special
effort to understand its size.

I suggest nevertheless that we make
this effort, because our usual answer:

"It’s too big to understand"

is exactly what the system expects.

It doesn’t want as to understand.
It hopes that we will give up trying.

Haven’t you noticed that not only are the
numbers inconceivable, but also the
language used is incomprehensible?

All this is not for us ordinary mortals.

This is the business for the "priests" of the system,
for the people in Banks and the Stock Exchange.

We just have to work so that this money is
constantly produced. Its management is the job of
the "priests". For us; the less we understand the better.

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