Brainwashing tool

The issue of education is probably the most serious.

And it's complicated.

It includes both the "education" as we know it today,

which is anything but education, and in particular
television, which with the "truths" of the type of
Nayirah and with advertising, educates our society
to a great extent.

If we do not civilize the No. 1 abuser of consciences,
television, and we don't make fundamental changes
to our education system, we can't expect any change
in mentality and we can't dream about a different society.

About the first point, to civilize television, you know
that numerous attempts have been made, none has
been successful, and we are going from bad to worse.

Under the existing system, it's likely nothing can be done.

Television will remain the main
instrument of the system,
an instrument of propaganda
and brainwashing.

All that could be suggested is to avoid it.

There are already some, only a very few to tell the truth,
who have refused to let television invade their family.

Incredible as it may sound, they can live without TV!

       Obviously they have no idea of what they are missing.
We cannot do without TV.
And we don't have just one.
We have one in each room.
And they are all playing simultaneously, so that we don't
miss anything when we go from one room to another.
TV is absolutely necessary.
TV keeps us company.
It relieves us from the worries of the day.

       We want to watch something light.
Sometimes there are nice films.
We follow the serials and watch in suspense how the story continues.

Very well.

Then use it,
but not to watch shows.

Instead of watching lies, gossip
and movies of the lowest quality,
you can view a DVD which
you have chosen yourself.

You can watch a play from beginning to end.

And for a change, you could read a novel.

There are some much more exciting than any serial.

Regarding the second point, education, the moulding of
conscience and the shaping of personality, perhaps you
know, and certainly you suspect that many educators
have made numerous proposals in this respect.

It is not now the time to judge these proposals
and to find out which of them is the better one.

But I would suggest visiting such a school in our imagination,

to see how different from the usual one
an educational system could be,
that is designed to develop free thought
and independent personalities.

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