"Quiet, order and safety"

The possibilities of overthrowing the system are minimal.

The traditional ways, which we know from history, no longer exist.

There are no external forces.
We have a unique system that has prevailed worldwide.

The internal forces which could lead to a change
(social forces, revolution)
are negligible.

The world is clearly divided into two parts.

The hungry and the well fed.

Most of them are hungry
and therefore unhappy.

The others live in excessive luxury,
they have become so fat that they
must run to the slimming institutes,
and are so anxious to maintain and
increase their material wealth,
that they are unhappy too.

From the hungry no threat
can come.

Hunger, disease, misery, and above all
the complete inability to understand and
use modern technology make
them completely harmless.

In the mutant environment that we have created
they are not even able to survive without our help.

They are reduced to a kind of pet,
like the dog whose existence depends
on the bone we throw him.

Neither should we be
afraid of the well-fed.

They are constantly busy.

They use every second of their lives
chasing after money and the passive
enjoyment of the comforts that it offers.

Soon, their concern with finding a job and
pleasing their boss will be so great that they
no longer have time for anything else.

Deprived of any real education,
with an untrained and lethargic mind,
they are unable to react and they are increasingly
immersed in the trash of the subculture
which the media constantly offers them.

So in order to keep them unparticipating and apathetic,
we don't even need to apply the drugs with which,
we generously provide them, but chiefly for our
love of profit.

They are lulled into believing that they are free
and can decide about their system of government.

We have convinced them to call this system democracy,
although it is in fact, the absolute dictatorship
of money and the press.

Some totally harmless voices of objection
with absolutely limited local scope are tolerated.

Either because they offer a harmless distraction,
or because they serve as proof of the
alleged existence of freedom.

Now with the layoffs to come,
we have studied the possibility that
something goes wrong in every detail.

First of all, the layoffs will not take place all together in one night.
They are to come gradually.
Today, one company closes a factory, tomorrow another
dismisses 5,000 workers, the next day a third 20,000.
And to make it even more "palatable"
we let the media announce in advance:

       "50,000 are threatened with dismissal".

When finally 30,000 are fired,
as had been pre-decided,
then they will say:

       "Triumph, thanks to our efforts
and the generosity of Big Brother,
20,000 jobs have been saved!".

It is not to our advantage when crowds of
unemployed suddenly appear everywhere.

If they all find themselves unemployed suddenly,
they could organize themselves and cause us trouble.

"Suddenly", this is what can hurt.

If you dismiss them one by one,
they are completely harmless.

The longer the period of unemployment
the more humble and obedient they are.

Take a look around you.

Do we have only a few unemployed today?

Do you get the impression that they were ready to start riots?

On the contrary,
they are totally docile and willing to serve anyone.

They don't want to get organized.

Their only concern is to find some job,
regardless what, get a piece of dry bread, and
they will gratefully kiss the hand that gives it.

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