Letter Nr. 3

… … and the amount you needed to purchase
the tractor has already been approved.

I have checked everything and found that you
have the will and the ability to increase your wheat
production with the help of the tractor that has been
built for this purpose..

And it's much better if the tractor is working and wheat is being
produced, instead of the money lying useless in the bank.

And, listen, you do not need to thank me because the
money is not mine. It is our common wealth which we
have inherited. Our grandparents, your people and mine,
have created it with their work.

I'm just the manager and must be careful not to give
the money to some crooks who would squander it.

And let me tell you something else, I am personally very
pleased when I have the opportunity to help somebody
like you who will use the money entrusted to me creatively.

For everything else you need I'm always at your disposal.

Your friend

A. G.