Letter Nr. 2

… … as for the software, I wrote it not because I intended to take advantage
of some people and get rich, but because the problem challenged me.

Just as some people solve chess problems or
crossword puzzles, which have no practical use.

I racked my brains to find how to make smarter
use of the hard disk with less memory usage.

I will give it to you, of course free of charge,
because it does not cost me anything either.

The main work (real work and not for fun, poor me, I was
sweating, until I solved the problem) I did a long time ago,
and as I said, I did it exclusively for my own amusement.

It does not cost anything to send you a copy now
through the Internet.

By the way I am very pleased to hear that you like the
programme and that it is useful.

As I have your address, I will send you the new
programme I'm writing now as soon as I finish.

Always at your disposal.


B. G.