Letter Nr. 1

… … and of course I accept no money for treating your son.

I did this out of love.

Not so that you will love me, but because I know that
the greater happiness is to give and not to take.

You are not obliged to me.

I owe you thanks for giving me the opportunity
to enjoy the pleasure of offering you something.

Anyway, I myself am a debtor too.

My medical skills I owe to my teachers and to
the state which enabled me to study for free.

I would be unworthy of the title of doctor and I should
feel ashamed if I used this ability to enrich myself by
exploiting the misfortunes of others.

I would furthermore be unworthy of the name of man,
if you really want to know.

It has been a long time since we humans
escaped from the behaviour of hyenas.

And if you need me again
(hopefully this should never happen),
I will always stand by you.

With lots of love your brother

C. B.